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We're going back to Israel next month. Help us fill bags for our soldiers on the ground.

You can use the links below to make a tax deductible donation or buy items yourself on Amazon that will be delivered to the JHub, packed up and brought to Israel with us.

Greetings from a Brooklyn native who found a second home in Vienna during my university years. My journey took a pivotal turn on October 7th, amidst a devastating attack.


As a reservist, the attack was a call to action I couldn't ignore. Every Jew is family to me, and the idea of sitting idle while my people suffered was unthinkable. Compelled by a deep sense of duty, I made a decisive choice.


I hastily packed a small bag, prepared for a brief two-day journey. My father, understanding the gravity of the situation, drove me to the airport in the early hours. Our journey was marked by a silent resolve, as we strategized my every move, unaware of when we would meet again.


Upon arriving in Israel, I was confronted with a new reality. My original unit was already deployed, filled with reservists from all walks of life, each having dropped everything to answer the call of duty. Undeterred, I knew I had to find my place in this fight.


After days of determination and endless phone calls, I joined Hebron's Battalion 5060, B Company. This unit, my new family, comprised individuals of exceptional caliber, dedicated to going above and beyond in every aspect of our mission.


We are tasked with protecting a Jewish settlement in Hebron and conducting offensive missions in enemy territory. Our operations are stealthy and precise, aimed at neutralizing threats, capturing suspects, and seizing dangerous materials. We are always the first responders, ready to confront any threat.


In this high-stakes environment, every piece of tactical gear is crucial. We leverage personal resources and connections to train effectively and acquire essential equipment. Your support in providing this gear is vital. It enhances our ability to maintain safety and increase our operational effectiveness.


This mission is more than a personal endeavor; it's a moral obligation to stand with my community during its time of need. Your contribution extends beyond material support; it represents solidarity and strengthens our collective resolve.


Thank you for considering my story and for any support you can offer. In these challenging times, the power of community and shared purpose becomes our greatest asset. Your support not only equips us but also reinforces our commitment to peace and security.


Together, we can make a significant difference.

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