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Fill the Seats

Come and fill the Shabbat table, because they cannot.


The Tel Aviv Museum has created a striking exhibition known as "The Empty Shabbat Table," featuring 220 unoccupied chairs.


We've recreated this poignant display right here in Denver. Next Friday night, as part of the Shabbat Project, we warmly encourage you to open your home and invite others to join you for Shabbat dinner. Together, we will collectively fill those 220 seats with guests who may not typically celebrate Shabbat. Come and celebrate Shabbat as one.


Celebrate your Judaism with our entire community. Come and fill the Shabbat table, because they cannot.

Click the empty seat below to select a hostage's empty seat to fill with your Shabbat guest. Download and print the prayers below to recite in the merit of the hostage you selected.


For the Hostages

Soldier with Gun

For the Soldiers

Israeli Flags


Challah Breads


Making a delicious difference! When you order one of our delectable pies, you're not only treating your taste buds, but you're also supporting our brothers and sisters in Israel. 100% of the proceeds from every pie sold directly benefit vetted causes that aid the front-line efforts of the IDF. With every bite, you're contributing to a more peaceful and secure future for Israel. It's time to share a slice of hope, one pie at a time.

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