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Let's do what we can from afar to make sure our soldiers stay safe

October 24 | 8 PM at the JHub

For men & women

*Special for Today*

Shabbat for Shalom

Unite for Peace, One Shabbat at a Time.

Pledge to observe Shabbat this week together with Jews from across the globe in honor of a Jewish soldier.

Click here and we will match you up with a Chayal.

Candle Lighting for Israel

Message from the Chief Rabbi of South Africa:

At this time of harrowing danger, let us harness the spiritual power of lighting Shabbat candles to pray for Israel. For generations, Jewish women have prayed for their children and families at candle-lighting.

This Friday afternoon, 18 minutes before sunset, after we light our Shabbat candles, let us pray for the families and children, and for the brave soldiers of the State of Israel. At a time when many of us are lost for words we offer you our personal prayer, to recite after you light your Shabbat candles this week.

This is a spiritual war against those who seek to destroy Israel, not because of its borders, but because of what it stands for as the world’s only Jewish state. Our response must be to reaffirm our eternal Jewish values through Shabbat. 

Please share this call and accompanying prayer with your mothers, sisters, daughters and grandmothers, and with all your friends and your wider community – and together, let’s counter the darkness by bringing more light into the world.

“The Jewish people are redeemed in the merit of righteous women,” say our sages. In the merit of our prayers and the mitzvah of candle-lighting, may G-d bring security and safety to Israel and comfort to her people.

Chief Rabbi Warren and Gina Goldstein

Click here to download a special prayer to be printed before Shabbat and recited after the Shabbat candles are lit. Visit out Shabbat Page for more information about how to light Shabbat Candles. Please treat the printed copies with the appropriate respect.

Bake Challah

Bake Challah for Shabbat and when you make the special blessing separating challah, say a special prayer on behalf of our brothers and sisters in Israel. You can bake 4 or 5 challahs with our recipe and then give them to friends for them to celebrate Shabbat as well. Visit out Shabbat Page for more information about how to light "take challah" and for Sarah's famous Challah recipe.

Our hearts are aching for our Brothers & Sisters


There are no words to adequately express the deep sorrow we feel as we witness the unfolding events in Israel. Our hearts ache for our brothers and sisters facing unimaginable challenges and uncertainty.


The reports from Israel are both shocking and heart-wrenching. The pain of loss, the chaos, and the ongoing missile attacks are difficult to bear. We stand united in our resolve to be a pillar of support for our extended Jewish family in Israel.


Our tradition teaches us that unity is a source of strength and protection. Now more than ever, let us set aside any divisions and stand as one community. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those in need.


We join our voices in prayer, asking the Almighty for guidance, strength, and courage. We are with those taken captive, the wounded, the bereaved families, and the valiant IDF soldiers on the front lives. May they access the courage to overcome what lies ahead. May they feel the support and love of the Diaspora as they navigate uncertainty and indescribable pain.


We have found ourselves feeling helpless so many thousands of miles away from our homeland and from those most vulnerable. But just because we are so far doesn’t mean we can’t help. Our spiritual recipe for navigating challenging times (tools to meaningfully move through the hard and shift ourselves in the process) is always Teshuva (returning to our true essential Selves) Tefillah (prayer) and Tzedaka (charity). If you wish to contribute and help in these difficult times, please explore some opportunities provided in below (links where applicable) that touch on those three themes, check back often as we are constantly adding new links as we learn about opportunities:



  • Take on a micro-resolution in the merit of a specific soldier or in the merit of all our soldiers and People of Israel.


  • To increase Jewish Unity,  reach out to Rabbi Lehrfield to be set up on a coffee date with another Jew who comes from a vastly different background from you and engage in open, non-judgmental dialogue.

  • Dedicate time to Torah learning. ​

    • Sign up for Partners in Torah to be matched with a Torah partner.

    • Read Jewish wisdom articles at 

    • Visit our JOI Video page and check out some short clips or full classes

    • ​Sign up to help finish the whole talmud as a community with the Denver Kollel. You can learn more and sign up at If you'd like reach out to Rabbi Lehrfield to schedule time to meet to complete your page of the talmud.


  • Join the Shmira Project and be paired up with a soldier that you will commit to pray for regularly. Once you fill out the form you will receive a soldier’s hebrew name to keep in your prayers daily. Alternatively, you can have in mind the list at the bottom of this email of various soldier’s names that are fighting on the front lines and have asked for our prayers.


  • Psalms for Soldiers - Join with Jews all over the world to consistently finish the book of Psalms - be given a chapter to recite and a name of a soldier to pray for.


  • Join a community prayer gathering or come to Shul for one (or all) of our daily services.




  • Consider a donation to any of the campaigns below:

    • Aid4Israel (I can’t speak for the others but this one, 100% of your donation goes to those who are in need. No administrative costs are taken out of your donation. This has been shared with us by David Sussman who is very involved with them)


    • BRS Israel Support - If you want to support individual units directly without red-tape or overhead this is an excellent opportunity. Rabbi Goldberg is going personally this Monday to bring supplies to those who need it most. 

    • Friends of the IDF

    • OU Campaign

    • United Hatzalah of Israel Campaign

    • Zaka Zaka has dedicated teams providing emergency response to the injured, ensuring they receive immediate care. Simultaneously, a specialized unit is handling the bodies of the deceased, working under immense pressure to manage the overwhelming number of casualties.

    • Aish Gaza War Support

    • Heart2Heart - Vetted by an emergency physician and she’s in touch with the IDF directly. They are very short of tourniquets and she’s secured a supplier in the US. They are $26 each. All proceeds from this will go directly to units that need them.


Let us move forward as a united community, offering our unwavering support to Israel. Our collective strength can bring hope, healing, and peace to those who need it most.


We are here for you however we can be,


Sarah & Rabbi Menachem Lehrfield

Hillel shneur ben rachel

Elyashiv ben Tzivia

Shlomo ben Yonina

Hoshaya Chanan Ben Michal

Shalom Yehuda Ben Michal

Meir Yosef Ben Yudeit

Yaakov Yosef Ben Malka

Elazar Yechiel Ben Esther Tamar

Michel Ben Miriam

Shmuel Ben Ella

Natan Nattah Ben Esther Leah

Yehoshua Eitan Ben Yael

Chava Yael Bat Sarah

Aaron Mordechai Ben Kresel Baila

Aharon Yehuda Ben Rivka Zlata 

Chaim Yair Ben Miriam Devorah

Avraham Yaakov Ben Devorah

Avraham Yitzchak Ben Chana Sara

Benyamin Shlomo Yitzchak Ben Rivka Aviva

Daniel Menachem Ben Shoshana

Elya Akiva Ben Chava Leah

Ilan Binyamin Ben Shira Rachel

Levi Yitzchak Ben Dina Miriam

Mayer Moshe Ben Gittel

Meir Simcha Ben Adina

Naftali Ben Devorah Sharon

Natan Eliyahu Ben Shoshana

Ohr Moshe Ben Aliza

Shmaya Ben Chana Zelda 

Avraham Ben Elana Tova

Shmuel Ben Rochel

Yitzchak Ben Chana Bracha

Yehoshua Elayakim Getzel Ben Devorah

Yisrael Yehuda Ben Elisheva Rachel

Yisroel Mordechai Ben Chana Gittel

Yonatan Ben Esther

Yonatan Simcha Ben Shira Rachel

Names of Captives:

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