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1) 'Why is this cookbook different from all other cookbooks?' Because it contains only wheat-free recipes--perfect for those who do not eat 'gebrochs' on Pesach! If Pesach cooking intimidates, bores, or overwhelms you, this beautiful cookbook will revitalize your culinary experience. With full-color photos and mouth-watering recipes for everything from soup to fish to chicken to dessert, this cookbook offers every cook a wide range of options and contains step-by-step instructions for more intricate recipes. Feast your eyes on the delightful recipes, and treat your family to a Pesach feast that they will truly remember! A very valuable tool for those with wheat/gluten allergies, as well. 2) For many people who cannot eat wheat or wheat products - also known as eating a "gluten free diet" - there is often the desperate feeling that there is nothing to eat, nor anything special that can be made. A Taste of Tradition breaks this misconception, proving that there is a lot more available on a gluten free diet than just meat, potatoes, gluten-free, making it the perfect choice for anyone with health restrictions. Tamar Ansh blends the Jewish public's need for a kosher and also gluten-free cookbook, all in one exceptional, beautiful masterpiece. 3)Tamar Ansh is a published author and food columnist whose baking and cooking expertise shines throughout this book. Each recipe in A Taste of Tradition is 100 % delicious, healthy, and absolutely gluten-free, without any sort of margarine, wheat flour, or preservatives. Complete with full color professional photography and step by step instructions, A Taste of Tradition prespresents a vast spectrum of culinary delights that are all gluten-free and tasty too - yes, it really is true.

A Taste of Tradition

  • Tamar Ansh
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