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In this important, inspirational, and practical book, Rabbi David Aaron, founder of the International Isralight Institute, reveals how to bring God into our lives through the wisdom of the Kabbalah. Making these ancient truths accessible to modern readers, Seeing God also provides simple exercises to put the principles into practice...  * overcome childhood fears about God that stifle our happiness and spiritual fulfillment * reclaim God's love and compassion and infuse life with greater creativity and vitality * achieve new clarity and greater awareness-in order to see and enjoy the extraordinary in the ordinary * tap into the Divine Life Force, the only true source of love, wisdom, and success  "Inspirational, wise, warm, and witty...David Aaron gives us a down-to-earth understanding of the Kabbalah, revealing the secrets to living a soulful, happy, and more meaningful life." (Deepak Chopra, author of How to Know God)  "After reading this superb book, for the first time I actually felt the spiritual powers of which the Kabbalah teaches-a change for me from an abstract philosophical exercise to a visceral reality." (Dr. Gerald Schroeder, author of The Hidden Face of God)

Seeing God

  • David Aaron
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