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Almost a thousand years of Sephardic greatness - from Rambam to Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef - are at your fingertiips in this beautiful new gift-edition Haggadah. Commentary, anecdotes, laws, customs - a wealth of wisdom has been culled and combined in this magnificent new Haggadah. Designed for the vibrant, growing, English-speaking Sephardic communities, this Haggadah is for everyone. The great minds whose comments fill these pages speak to all, throught the year. Written by two rising stars in the Syrian-Sephardic community, Rabbi Eli Mansour and Rabbi David Sutton, and edited by Rabbi Hillel Yarmove, this new Haggadah is a treat for the eyes and mind. It will decorate your Seder table, warm your heart, and stimulate your mind, through Pesach and beyond. Full color soil resistant laminated cover.

The Sephardic Heritage Haggadah

  • Eli Mansour,David Sutton
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