Faded Shapes

Faigy has been a part of Shalom school for over 10 years. First as a teacher, and now as director, she loves to see kids faces light up with excitement about Judaism. With nearly 20 years of teaching experience, Faigy is dedicated to creating a warm, caring environment at Shalom school, while fostering meaningful Jewish experiences for all children.


Mrs. Faigy Gertz

Abstract Paint

Leah is our resident energy booster at Shalom school! With many years of experience teaching, running camps and other educational activities for kids, Leah brings enthusiasm and joy to school each Sunday. She wants every child to love their experience at Shalom school as much as she does!

Assistant Director

Ms. Leah Meyer

Gradient Purple Red


Hebrew Reading Specialist

Tammi Stitelman

Strips Security

Morah Esti has decades of experience teaching young children. Her warmth and care make every child feel loved. Morah Esti enjoys teaching through song and stories and her enthusiasm for Judaism makes every lesson come alive.

K- Grade 1 Teacher

Mrs. Esti Erlanger

Modern Structure

Originally from Scottsdale, Arizona, Raina Balsam has been living in Israel the past two years and just moved to Denver with her husband and baby this past summer. She’s so excited to be part of the amazing Aish team teaching for Shalom school! Raina loves teaching songs with her guitar, playing freeze tag outside with all the kids and having deep life discussions with second and third graders. 

Grade 2-3 Teacher

Mrs. Raina Balsam

Tiny Dots

Reb Yonatan Nuszen is dedicated to creating a fun and engaging way for students to grow through Jewish education. R' Yonatan designs educational games and classes that allow students to use their creative passions to develop their Jewish identity.

Grade 4-5 Teacher

Rabbi Yonatan Nuszen