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Our mission is to Inspire people to live more thoughtful, spiritual, and impactful lives through Jewish learning and living.


1. All Jews are equal. The Jewish people come from diverse cultures and races, we are multilingual with very diverse views on everything, but at the end; we are all an equal part of the Jewish family.

2.  Judaism is a Journey, not a Destination. Us, you, old, young, we are all on our own personal journey.  Judaism is not all or nothing. It is a journey pursued at one’s own pace and interest in which every step is worthwhile in itself.      

3.  It all begins with the home. WE believe that the center of Judaism is your home. Our mission is to strengthen the Jewish home and family and then to watch it grow from there.          

4.  Judasim isn’t about being Jewish, it’s about living Jewish. Halacha - is how we live jewish, therefore all our programming follows Halacha, Jewish Torah law.  


5.  The Jewish people are one family. Therefore we are all connected to and responsible for one another.    



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