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Rabbi Menachem Lehrfield


Rabbi Menachem Lehrfield received his M.Ed from Loyola University, Chicago and received two rabbinic ordinations from Yeshivas Beis Yisroel in Jerusalem and Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg, the Chief Justice of the Jerusalem High Court.

Rabbi Lehrfield’s passion lies not only in spreading the beauty and relevance of Judaism to all Jews, but in photography, graphic design, mountain climbing and snowboarding. His warmth, genuine love for every Jew, and approachability allow him to connect with people of all ages and from all backgrounds.


Sarah Lehrfield

Director of Women's Programming

Sarah received her masters in Education from Towson University.  She is the director of women’s programming and education for the Jewish Outreach Initiative and is the co-director of the Site Hebrew School.  Sarah is a passionate Torah educator and loves sharing the relevance and beauty of Jewish wisdom and how it applies to our daily living and relationships. She teaches engaging  classes that weave Torah lessons with modern psychology and creates meaningful programming and content for Jewish women and girls throughout the Denver metro area. Sarah is the mother of five beautifully complex children and is consistently learning and growing as a parent, partner and Jew. She is always up for a good run, a good book, and a good conversation. With her magnetic energy and empathic, accepting nature, Sarah is a friend to all who know her.


Rabbi Yaakov Meyer


Rabbi Yaakov Meyer is Director of Aish Denver. He came to Denver in 1984 as an enthusiastic, charismatic, young New York rabbi, when the term “outreach” referred mostly to serving the needs of intermarried couples. Rabbi Meyer quickly became one of the pioneers who put a new spin on Jewish outreach – by serving the needs of Jews. After teaching hundreds of classes and inspiring thousands of metro-area Jews, in 1996, Rabbi Meyer established a unique organization which grew to become Aish Denver – a vibrant center of Jewish learning and discovery that has revolutionized the South East Denver Jewish community. 


Zev Jacobs

Director of Donor Engagement

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