The Gift of Shabbat

"More than the Jews have kept Shabbat, Shabbat has kept the Jews"

- Achad HaAm

We invite you to experience the JOI of Shabbat. Spend Shabbat with us at a program below or let us find you the perfect host to enjoy an unforgettable authentic Shabbat. Get into the driver's seat with resources below that will teach you how to participate and even host a Shabbat dinner of your own. Better yet, learn in person with a Shabbat Coach or attend a Prep 'n Schlep event where we'll walk you through all the details. It's not as hard as you think!


Each week, receive a crate filled with everything you need to have a fantastic Shabbat. Each crate includes an 8 ounce bottle of grape juice, tea lights, challah dough and materials to make a different Shabbat craft and learn more about that week's theme.

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Shabbat Resources

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Everything you need to be a Shabbat Pro!


On the left, you can download or purchase a print copy of our new book with explanations, songs and prayers for Shabbat.

Below are links to audio files so you can hear each blessing or song recited. The number proceeding each song corresponds to the page number in the book. You can scroll down or jump to the section you want with the buttons below:


Learn why and how we do what we do including explanations, songs and prayers.

Download a printable Candle Lighting Card

Click here to find local candle

lighting times

Download a printable Hand Washing card.

Listen to the audio of the blessing.


Download the Shabbos Guide.

You can find more resources online at 



Challah Baking

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