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Family Experience

Tentatively: Summer 2024

Join us for this life-changing experience

as you explore the Land of our Ancestors with the next generation

creating memories and instilling Jewish values that will last a lifetime!

Logistics and tours provided by the one and only Patrick Amar of Israel ETC




Welcome Home

Arrival Transfer

You will be met at the airport by a driver who will take you to your hotel in the north.  According to current Ministry of Tourism COVID guidelines, you may be required to quarantine at the hotel until receiving a negative result of a COVID-19 test, which is taken upon arrival at Ben Gurion airport. As of today, the results normally take between a few hours, and up to 24 hours to be released. If allowed, we will add activities to this day.

If you want your arrival to be seamless, or you need a little extra assistance , we can arrange for a VIP representative to meet you at the plane, and walk you through passport control, baggage claim, and directly to the waiting driver with no delays.

Israeli Flags



The Land

Experience the special nature of the Land of Israel

Our first stop today will be a unique opportunity to learn about the agricultural laws and their significance to the land of Israel, based on the Torah laws for the Sabbatical year.

Mt. Arbel Hike

The view is worth it!

Time for a modest hike! lt's worth it! We will ascend Mt. Arbel, to the most iconic viewpoint over the Sea of Galilee. On the way up we will visit the ancient Arbel fortress built inside the rock. On the way down, we will visit The ancient Arbel synagogue and hike down the Arbel wadi under the cliffs.

Rusty Window Frame


Explore the mystical city

Visit Safed and fall in love with the spiritual feeling while strolling the ancient alleyways. Safed is known for it's beautiful historic synagogues, jewelry and art made by local Israeli designers, homemade cheese and wines, and spectacular mountain top views. 


Dinner by the sea

If you've been on a Momentum trip you know that no trip is complete without a visit to Decks! Enjoy an elegant grill restaurant by the Sea of Galilee, followed by a night cruise around the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) 




ATV Adventure

Get ready for a 4 x 4 off road ATV adventure in the Galilee overlooking the Hula Valley! A local guide will lead the way to some of the most incredible views of Northern Israel. The ATVs are appropriate for all ages; anyone with a driver’s license can drive.

Mount Bental

Panoramic views of the Golan and Syria

We are heading up to the Syrian border for Mount Bental, one of Israel’s favorite mountain peaks to visit, partly due to the great panoramic views of the Golan and even Syria but also because Mount Bental was the site of a courageous battle fought during Israel’s war for the Golan. A short drive up, the mountain-top provides both scenic beauty and a glimpse back at the past – with bunkers open to visitors. Free time for lunch.

Escape Room Items

Tel Saki

Bunker Challenge

Next we are off for a unique experience - the Tel Saki Bunker Challenge - we will descend into a real bunker opposite the Syrian border that turns into an educational ‘Escape Room’ experience, with unexpected challenges awaiting amidst fear and darkness.


Rafting on the Jordan River

Before we leave the north, let's enjoy Rafting on the Jordan River. This is good for all ages, and a must-do in the hot summer. Don't worry, this ain’t the Colorado river, it’s Jewish rafting…. 

River Raft Rowing
Dead Sea

Dead Sea

Drive down to the Dead Sea  the lowest place on Earth! 

Overnight and dinner at Dead Sea hotel.


Applying Dead Sea Minerals

Enjoy the Dead Sea

Explore this natural marvel

Breakfast and time to enjoy a float in the Dead Sea or pamper yourself in the spa before checking out of hotel and heading to Masada.


The great desert fortress

We are up early for a climb up the "snakepath" of Masada, the Great Desert Fortress where Jewish rebels who fought the Romans 2000 years ago. (Option for B’nai Mitzvah ceremony on Masada). 

(For those who don't fancy such an energetic event there is a cable car  to meet us on the mountain top).

Camel Tour

Eretz Bereist

Camel rides in the footsteps of our ancestors

As we head to Jerusalem we will stop off at Eretz Bereishit for camel rides and pita making in Abraham's tent.


Welcome to the city of gold

Welcome to Jerusalem! We will take a few moments on our arrival for an amazing view from the Mount Scopus lookout at the Hebrew University, and we will get our hands dirty sifting through 2,000 year-old rubble and artifacts at the Temple Mount sifting project - archaeological experience.

Old City Jerusalem

Free Evening

Take in the sights, sounds and tastes of Jerusalem

Check into your apartment and then enjoy a free evening in this magical city.


Hurva Synagogue Jerusalem

The Old City

A walking tour of the holiest place on Earth

Walk through the Old City of Jerusalem, walking through the surrounding walls, the Roman Cardo, some of the 4 Quarters. Approach the Western Wall and walk through the underground tunnels along hidden parts of the Wall in the famous Western Wall Tunnels. 

Shabbat Prep

Experience the hustle & bustle of Jerusalem

Free time in the Machaneh Yehuda market or downtown Jerusalem for lunch, shopping and to prepare for Shabbat. Make sure to buy food for Saturday breakfast as most stores will be closed on Shabbat.

Food Market
By the Western Wall

Shabbat at the Kotel

Visit to the Western Wall for Shabbat Services as an active participant, not just a tourist. Be part of the amazing atmosphere of singing, dancing with visitors from around the world followed by Shabbat dinner in the Old City.


Do Not Disturb

Shabbat Rest

Enjoy a much needed day of rest

Today enjoy a much needed day of rest (no guide or driver)

Sleep late or visit the Western Wall, The Great Synagogue or The Italian Synagogue (all within walking distance).

Shabbat Lunch

Shabbat lunch with a local family

Enjoy a Shabbat lunch with a local English speaking family within walking distance to our apartment.

Festive Dinner
Old City Architecture

Optional Walking Tour

with Rabbi Menachem Lehrfield 

After lunch walk the streets of Jerusalem with Rabbi Lehrfield.

Third Meal & Shabbat Class

with Rabbi Menachem Lehrfield 

Enjoy an intimate, light third Shabbat meal with just the Denver group followed by a class about Shabbat with Rabbi Menachem Lehrfield.

Clapping Audience

Havdallah & Free Evening

Say goodbye to Shabbat with Havdallah and then enjoy a free evening. 


Saturday night is perfect for the ‘Night Spectacular’ an amazing light and sound show where the history of Jerusalem is displayed on the Tower of David’s walls.

Enjoy dinner at the Mamilla Promenade, Ben Yehuda Street, the Tachana Rishonaor one of the other Jerusalem hot spots.