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Igniting a lifelong love of Judaism!

Ignite is an innovative approach to preparing Jewish boys and girls, not just for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony, but for life.


 The program consists of 8 learning-filled field trips (7 Sunday trips and 1 overnight trip to Los Angeles, CA), 4 Shabbat experiences, and 5 individual sessions with each of the Bnei Mitzvah enrolled.


The Ignite experience lasts 10 months per group, and includes experiential learning, thought provoking questions, homework, friendships, and growth in many areas.  It is a fun way for Bar/Bat Mitzvah students to prepare for this milestone in their lives and prepare them for a lifetime of Judaism.




Hailey Lutz

We had really interesting discussions and really bonded as a community. Shoshana and Dovi brought so much energy and knowledge to this program and made it a really fun experience!


Amy & Gerardo Topelson

Elana loved every second of the Ignite program. Her connection to Judaism was reignited (no pun intended) through the awesome programming. Shoshana and Dovi know how to make learning fun and meaningful at the same time.


Sophie Fein

Ignite is a fun and interactive way to learn Judaism.  I highly recommend it!

  • 1. Each Bar/Bat Mitzvah will be matched with their Guide (Counselor) to work with throughout the program. Their Guide will work to help them process everything in a way that is most suited to their strengths and interests.

  • Each student will be given homework after each group trip to stimulate them to process what they have experienced. They will review their work with their Guide in the Individual sessions.

  • During Individual sessions, the students can work on additional goals with their Guide. However, this program in NOT designed to teach Bnei Mitzvah students large amounts of Torah or Tefilla reading.

  • The goal for each group trip is to have the Bnei Mitzvah working in settings that will educate them in meaningful Jewish values.

  • Most of the group trips will involve the Bnei Mitzvah volunteering as a group in one or more settings.

  • A calendar containing the dates of the group trips will be given out at the beginning of the program and a complete itinerary for each group trip will be given out a week or two in advance. Expect each group trip to be at least a half day trip. The final trip will be 2-3 days long.

  • We will encourage our graduates to stay connected and share their ongoing commitments with each other in effort to inspire lifelong involvement in Judaism.


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