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Mrs. Sarah Lehrfield, M.Ed


With her outgoing and lively personality and caring nature, Sarah connects to anyone she meets. She loves hosting guests in her home, meeting new people, and sharing the incredible wisdom and beauty of Torah. Always ready and available to offer a listening ear and a helping hand, Sarah is loved by those who know her.

Rabbi Menachem Lehrfield, M.Ed


Rabbi Menachem Lehrfield received his M.Ed from Loyola University, Chicago and received two rabbinic ordinations from Yeshivas Beis Yisroel in Jerusalem and Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg, the former Chief Justice of the Jerusalem High Court.

Rabbi Lehrfield’s passion lies not only in spreading the beauty and relevance of Judaism to all Jews, but in photography, graphic design, mountain climbing and snowboarding. His warmth, genuine love for every Jew, and approachability allow him to connect with people of all ages and from all backgrounds.

He is excited to bring his creativity and passion for Jewish education to help make Jewish learning come alive at the SITE!

Ms. Leah Meyer

Assistant Director & Sprout+ Teacher

Leah is our resident energy booster at the SITE! With many years of experience teaching, running camps and other educational activities for kids, Leah brings enthusiasm and joy to school each Sunday. She wants every child to love their experience at SITE as much as she does!

Tammi Stitelman

Hebrew Reading Specialist

Morah Tammy brings more than 40 years of teaching Hebrew to the SITE. She is a tremendous asset to our robust Hebrew program and allows us to offer personalized hebrew instruction to all of our students.

Mrs. Esti Erlanger

SPROUT Teacher

Morah Esti has decades of experience teaching young children. Her warmth and care make every child feel loved. Morah Esti enjoys teaching through song and stories and her enthusiasm for Judaism makes every lesson come alive.

Mrs. Raina Balsam

BUILD Teacher

Originally from Scottsdale, Arizona, Raina Balsam has been living in Israel the past two years and just moved to Denver with her husband and baby this past summer. She’s so excited to be part of the amazing SITE team! Raina loves teaching songs with her guitar, playing freeze tag outside with all the kids and having deep life discussions with second and third graders. 

Rabbi Yonatan Nuszen

GROW Teacher

Reb Yonatan Nuszen is dedicated to creating a fun and engaging way for students to grow through Jewish education. R' Yonatan designs educational games and classes that allow students to use their creative passions to develop their Jewish identity.

Dov Ort

IGNITE Director

Dovi’s genuine love for every Jew is palpable.  With his outgoing and lively personality, he brings enthusiasm and passion to every trip and every learning session he creates for IGNITE.  Dovi is excited to be running IGNITE and experiencing the lessons with the students about becoming Bnei Mitzvah for life.

Shoshana Ort

IGNITE Director

Shoshana is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and brings her knowledge, education, and experience to every IGNITE experience, as well as each individual learning session.  She has experience teaching Judaic Studies to groups and individuals of all ages, as well as experience providing individual and group counseling.  Shoshana brings her various backgrounds, excitement, and enthusiasm to every IGNITE session, creating a dynamic environment, leaving every student wanting more.

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