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Episode Transcripts

1 - Zero Percent

The Jewish People make up just .2% of world population. How does a People that makes up virtually zero percent of humanity have such a huge impact on our world?

10 - The Power Of One

This episode we explore our uniqueness.

11- Move The Needle

Using our acronym Be Free, we talk about the most important concept- Effort.

12- The Tortoise or the Hare

In this episode we continue our discussion about effort.

13 - Tools on Loan

In this episode we discuss how everyone can change, and we are not defined by our natural gifts, but by the effort we put forth.

14- The Concepts of Conception

In this episode we start our exploration of time and how it allows us to connect to the growth mindset.

15- The Gift of Childhood

In this episode we continue our discussion about Jewish lifecycles with a spotlight on the Bris Millah.

16 - More Bar or More Mitzvah?

In this episode we continue our discussion on Jewish lifecycles and talk about the transition into adulthood.

17 - What is Love? Hopefully More than Baby Don't Hurt Me

In this episode, we wrap up our discussion about Jewish lifecycles by looking at love, relationships, and marriage.

18- Response to Colleyville

In this episode, Rabbi Lehrfield starts the discussion on Antisemitism.

19- Reasons or Excuses

Continuing our talk on Antisemitism, Rabbi Lehrfield speaks more on why it's the most unique hatred.

2 - The Most Jewish Business

In this episode we explore the importance education plays in Judaism and how Jewish education has shaped the world.

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