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Our hearts are aching for our brothers & sisters in Israel

There are no words to adequately express the deep sorrow we feel as we witness the unfolding events in Israel. Our hearts ache for our brothers and sisters facing unimaginable challenges and uncertainty.


The reports from Israel are both shocking and heart-wrenching. The pain of loss, the chaos, and the ongoing missile attacks are difficult to bear. We stand united in our resolve to be a pillar of support for our extended Jewish family in Israel.


Our tradition teaches us that unity is a source of strength and protection. Now more than ever, let us set aside any divisions and stand as one community. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those in need.


We join our voices in prayer, asking the Almighty for guidance, strength, and courage. We are with those taken captive, the wounded, the bereaved families, and the valiant IDF soldiers on the front lives. May they access the courage to overcome what lies ahead. May they feel the support and love of the Diaspora as they navigate uncertainty and indescribable pain.


We have found ourselves feeling helpless so many thousands of miles away from our homeland and from those most vulnerable. But just because we are so far doesn’t mean we can’t help. Our spiritual recipe for navigating challenging times (tools to meaningfully move through the hard and shift ourselves in the process) is always Teshuva (returning to our true essential Selves) Tefillah (prayer) and Tzedaka (charity). If you wish to contribute and help in these difficult times, please explore some opportunities provided in below (links where applicable) that touch on those three themes, check back often as we are constantly adding new links as we learn about opportunities:

We encourage you to give, act, pray and advocate for Israel and show up in numbers for Jewish programing here in Denver.

Bring Them Home Now!

Make your voice heard

Click the link above to email the White House demanding the hostages get released. 


Click here to read the IJN article about Rabbi Lehrfield's experience on the Aish Israel Mission  



Give  🇮🇱   Act  🇮🇱   Pray  🇮🇱  Advocate


Consider a donation to any of the campaigns below:

  • Shlomit Community - We personally met families from this community, a small town on the Gaza fringe who have lost numerous dear friends and had to flee their homes. They need our assistance to help their community, the grieving families and those with physical and unseen injuries.

  • Kibutz Alumim - We heard from survivors of this community on the Gaza border.  

  • Eshet Chayil - On our mission, we participated in delivering packages to the wives of frontline soldiers. (the words 'Eshet Chayil' which we translate as woman of valor literally mean the wife of a soldier.) These pampering packages help support those on the Homefront who support those on the frontlines.

  • United Hatzalah of Israel Campaign - We had the opportunity to hear about the heroic actions of the volunteers who put their lives on the line to help save lives on October 7 and haven't stopped since.

  • Aid4Israel (I can’t speak for the others but this one, 100% of your donation goes to those who are in need. No administrative costs are taken out of your donation. This has been shared with us by David Sussman who is very involved with them)

  • Friends of the IDF

  • OU Campaign

  • United Hatzalah of Israel Campaign

  • Zaka Zaka has dedicated teams providing emergency response to the injured, ensuring they receive immediate care. Simultaneously, a specialized unit is handling the bodies of the deceased, working under immense pressure to manage the overwhelming number of casualties.

  • Operation Tztitzit - The IDF asked for tztitit to protect our soldiers. This is a way you can help with that.

  • Thank Israeli Soldiers - Many of you know this organization and the great work they do from our momentum and BMX/Ignite trips.


  • Keep Shabbat 4 Soldiers Who Can't - Keep Shabbat for a Soldier in the IDF. Soldiers are asking us to keep the shabbats that they can't because they are fighting on the frontlines protecting Am Yisrael.

  • Just One Thing - Take on a micro-resolution in the merit of a specific soldier.


  • Chessed - ​Do an act of kindness in the merit of fallen soldier, Binyamin Meir ben Zeev Dovid z"la

  • Dedicate time to Torah learning. ​

  • Sign up for Partners in Torah to be matched with a Torah partner.

  • Read Jewish wisdom articles at 

  • Visit our JOI Video page and check out some short clips or full classes

  • ​Sign up to help finish the whole talmud as a community with the Denver Kollel. You can learn more and sign up at If you'd like reach out to Rabbi Lehrfield to schedule time to meet to complete your page of the talmud.



  • Join the Shmira Project and be paired up with a soldier that you will commit to pray for regularly. Once you fill out the form you will receive a soldier’s hebrew name to keep in your prayers daily. Alternatively, you can have in mind the list at the bottom of this email of various soldier’s names that are fighting on the front lines and have asked for our prayers.





  • Sign a petition - Take part in the political push. There are various organizations that advocate for Israel. Signing these petitions will support their work. 




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