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Make Shabbat exciting in your home with...


Once a month, receive a crate filled with everything you need to have a fantastic Shabbat. Each crate includes an 8 ounce bottle of grape juice, tea lights,

challah dough and materials to make a different Shabbat craft

and learn more about that week's theme.

The first crate is available on Thursday November 5 and on the following first Thursdays* of each month from either 8-9 am or 4-6 pm.

See our FAQs for more information.

* The April crate is on the second Thursday due to Passover

For the best experience visit this site from a computer.


What people are saying...


I’ve been super impressed with each box. Instructions are thorough and I appreciate the photos and videos. My six year old loves everything about it.

board no back.png

It’s amazing to see my daughter set the table with her Shabbat box and get excited about new rituals each week!


We love that challah dough, candles and juice comes with the Shabbox. I think those items have made it more likely for us to make our Friday night meal a Shabbat dinner and not just a regular meal.

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Shabbat Box


The Shabbat Box crate includes a

box to put all of your future Shabbat crafts in and all the decorations your child will need to transform it from a box to a  beautiful Shabbat Box!

Also included in this crate are ingredients to make Sarah's famous Challah with the whole family. This crate also includes an 8 ounce bottle of grape juice, tea lights &

the JOI of Shabbat Book 


washing cup.jpeg

Washing Cup Crate

The Washing Cup Crate includes a washing cup and awesome neon puff paint and other materials to decorate it! We will also include directions and the blessing for washing your hands.

This crate includes an 8 ounce bottle of grape juice, tea lights &

challah dough.


holders light.jpeg



The Candle Crate includes ingredients and instructions for your child to make their own Shabbat candle holders! You will also receive a beautiful laminated card with the blessings for lighting candles.

This crate includes an 8 ounce bottle of grape juice, tea lights &

challah dough 


board no back.png

Challah Crate

The 1st Challah Crate includes  colorful tissue paper, sparkly Shabbat letters and Mod Podge to create a gorgeous plate to place your Challah! It will also contain a beautiful card with the blessings for Challah. 

This crate includes an 8 ounce bottle of grape juice, tea lights &

challah dough 





The Kiddush Crate includes all the materials your child will need to make a beautiful Kiddush Cup! Also included in this crate is the blessing for wine and instructions for making Kiddush. 

This crate includes an 8 ounce bottle of grape juice, tea lights &

challah dough


challah coveer no back.png

Challah Crate 2

The 2nd Challah Crate includes all the materials your child will need to create a fun  tie-dye Challah cover.

This crate includes an 8 ounce bottle of grape juice, tea lights &

challah dough.


fullpage havdallah.jpeg

Havdallah Crate

The Havdallah Crate includes a kit that will allow your child to braid their own Havdallah candles with the spices inside! This crate also contains information on Havdallah, including blessings. 

This crate includes an 8 ounce bottle of grape juice, tea lights &

challah dough.


Recycled Paper
  • Is this a replacement to Hebrew School?
    The Shredders Program is a supplement to a Hebrew School education. To get the most out of this program we recommend participating in the Shalom Hebrew School. The curriculum for the Shredders Program is designed for Shalom School students to keep up with their classes at Shalom School.
  • This sounds great! Where do I start?
    First enroll in Shalom Hebrew School (not required) and/or pay the Shalom Shredders Program tuition. After enrollment you will receive a welcome packet with waivers and more information about how to register with Keystone for the lessons. If you are not ready to enroll yet, but are interested in participating please contact Rabbi Lehrfield at
  • What's included with tuition? What are the additional costs of the program?
    The Program Tuition includes transportation to and from Keystone. Students will receive a kosher bagged lunch on the bus each morning with their name on it to give to their ski teachers. The tuition also covers all interactive Jewish educational instruction that will be installed on their personal devices. Additional costs include: The lessons (4 week- $459, 7 week- $824) Click here for more information and to purchase lessons (In the fall.) If you experience issues booking online, please call 800-255-3715. Lift passes (Lift tickets can be purchased for ~$22 per day or $259 for a season pass.) Click here to purchase a pass. If you experience issues booking online, please call 800-255-3715. Equipment can be rented for an entire season from various front range locations. We cannot faciliate rentals at the resort. IPad - All students enrolled in the program are required to have an iPad for the Jewish instruction.
  • Can I try out the program for just one/some of the weeks?
    Unfortunately, we are unable to offer the program on a week-by-week basis. Currently the program is offered as either a 4 week or 7 week program only.
  • What happens if I miss a week?
    All fees paid are nonrefundable. In the event that a ski lesson is missed, it cannot be made up. You can still access the online content to stay up to date with the Jewish learning.
  • Can I join my children?
    Parents are welcome and encouraged to join as a chaperone (space allowing). Please contact Rabbi Lehrfield for more details at
  • Where is the pickup/dropoff?
    The pickup/droppoff location is: 9550 E. Belleview Ave. Greenwood Village CO 80111. Children are expected to be at the pickup location each morning at 5:45am and they are expected back at about 5:00pm. Due to traffic it is difficult to predict exactly when we will arrive back.
  • My child has never skied before is that going to be a problem?
    Nope! We can accommodate skiers of all levels. Groups are divided by age and ability.
  • Why is this better than just sending my children to regular ski school?
    In addition to the Jewish education component, this multi-week program allows our youngest skiers to build fundamental skills in a fun, safe and support environment that will feel like camp. By building a relationship with the same coach week after week as well as new friends, they'll not only grow skills, but a love of skiing!
  • Is it ok if I bring my child up to Keystone myself?
    Absolutely, but please notify Rabbi Lehrfield at that your child will not be taking the normal bus/van. Even if they do not ride with the group we cannot offer discounts or different pricing. Children should be dropped off at the Mountain House Children's Ski School Location
  • How will the children be transported to and from Keystone?
    If we have enough students registered for each program we will be renting a 54 seat coach bus for transportation. If we have less than 30 total students they will be driven in private mini-vans.
  • I have a question that's not listed!
    Please contact Rabbi Lehrfield at for additional information.
Recycled Paper
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The Shabbat Box
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