You no longer need to choose between your child's

Jewish education and their passion for skiing.


A revolutionary new Hebrew School Experience


The Shalom Shredders Program is a 4 week track of the SITE (students do not need to be enrolled in the SITE to participate). Students are transported from the front range to Keystone where they are placed in groups based on age and level.


They will be with the same group and the same teachers each week.


Jewish instruction is provided on the way up and down from mountains so that students can keep up with their class.

See FAQ below for more details.

Program Dates

First Session:


TBA. The dates are typically in the month of January

Students are picked up at 5:45 am from Greenwood Village and return home at about 5pm


The Shalom Shredders Program

costs $300 for the 4 week session.There are sibling discounts.

This amount includes transportation and kosher lunch as well as the Jewish educational instruction.

It does not include lessons, lift passes, equipment, etc. Please see FAQ below for more details.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need fosters?

Our residents need foster families for a variety of reasons:

  • Rescue and relocation: animals that have been accepted by a rescue organization and need a place to stay until their transportation date.
  • Animals that are too young to be adopted.
  • Animals with special needs that need a little more time and care before adoption
  • Any animal waiting for your home forever

Foster Qualifications

  • Foster parents must be at least 19 years old and have the extra time to commit to an additional dog or cat in their home.
  • Host families provide their guests with food, water, shelter, basic obedience and a safe and loving environment.
  • You may also need to provide transportation to and from the shelter, off-site adoption events and appointments with the veterinarian.

How to become a foster parent!

1. Complete our Foster application (located at the top of this page)
2. Our parenting coordinator will review your request and add your information to the parenting database.
3. We will keep you informed of dogs and cats in need with periodic updates by foster care email or direct contact by LCHS staff.
4. When you see an animal you want to raise, send an email to Bailey at to set a time to complete the appropriate exemptions and set a time to pick up the animal.

Become an Adoption Ambassador!

Take it to the next level by becoming an Adoption Ambassador. Thanks to an ASPCA grant, we can now adopt animals without having them or potential adopters who have to enter the shelter! Through this program, LCHS breeders can breed eligible dogs and cats until they are adopted. This means that you will participate directly in the adoption process of your adoptive pet! As an Adoption Ambassador, you will receive a free t-shirt from the Adoption Ambassador and your adopted pet will be sent with an Adopt Me vest to wear in the city and an adoption package. All pets adopted through this program are sponsored, so all dogs have an adoption cost of $ 25 and cats only $ 15. To participate, complete the host application and send an email to foster2 @ leecountyhumane .org.

Become a Weekend Warrior!

Weekend Warriors are approved fosters who bring an adult pet home on Friday or Saturday until Sunday or Monday! This short-term reception period allows our pets a mental and physical rest from the shelter, while adapting to the weekly schedule of the foster parent. Weekend Warriors also earns our pets a valuable exposure in the community to help their adoption possibilities! It is a win-win for everyone.

Where can I see pets that need fosters?

LCHS uses Trello to publish all our pets that need foster homes. We also send temporary emails periodically. The link to our LCHS Foster Trello Board can be found here!