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The colored text refer to the highlighted sections of the map above

5:30 pm - Checkin begins at the main entrance (right side) Express checkin from the side entrance

 for those with pre-filled and signed waivers and tickets printed or pulled up on device.

If you'd prefer to feed your children ahead of time, there will be a table set up with hot dogs and other snacks right outside the water exhibit.


If you are unable to stay for dinner, please take your dinner bag home with you. You can pick up your bags up early from outside by the door under the awning until 6:30 pm. After 6:30 this door will be used as an exit only.

6:45pm - All activities close, children change into dry clothes.


6:55 pm - Candle Lighting inside right opposite doors (on the registration counter behind glass)

 7:00 pm - Shabbat Blessings and Kiddush in the foyer. Cups of grape juice pre-poured and set on the high tables in foyer. Immediately following Kiddush, anyone who'd like to wash hands can do so in the bathrooms on both sides of the foyer and head outside.


Before exiting, have one family member follow signs to pickup your dinner bag(s) and use the exit in that room to join everyone else outside.  Please make sure you take the correct bag(s) as each is prepared based on the number of people and allergies, etc. 

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