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This year’s Shabbat Project might feel a little different without live events and huge Shabbat tables filling up around the world. But in truth – as cities shut down, grandparents stopped hugging grandkids and full time parents became full time teachers – one of the things that remained consistent was Shabbat. An anchor in all the crazy.

And the irony is that this year we may be closer to each other than ever before. Whether we are in Amsterdam or Connecticut, Denmark or Denver – we are all home.

The pandemic has reminded us that our homes are our anchor. And it’s clear that our anchor needs Shabbat even more.


This year – come November 6 – let’s flood our homes with the light, life, meaning, warmth and depth of Shabbat.

This year, let’s bring it home – that’s where it belongs.

Shabbat. Bring it home.




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