This year’s Shabbat Project might feel a little different without live events and huge Shabbat tables filling up around the world. But in truth – as cities shut down, grandparents stopped hugging grandkids and full time parents became full time teachers – one of the things that remained consistent was Shabbat. An anchor in all the crazy.

And the irony is that this year we may be closer to each other than ever before. Whether we are in Amsterdam or Connecticut, Denmark or Denver – we are all home.

The pandemic has reminded us that our homes are our anchor. And it’s clear that our anchor needs Shabbat even more.


This year – come November 6 – let’s flood our homes with the light, life, meaning, warmth and depth of Shabbat.

This year, let’s bring it home – that’s where it belongs.

Shabbat. Bring it home.




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Frequently asked questions

Which meals are included in Shalom Fresh?

Shalom Fresh includes everything you need for Friday night Dinner and Saturday Lunch.

What’s the difference between Shalom Fresh and the Catered Shabbat Meals?

Shalom Fresh lets you take ownership of your Shabbat preparation by letting you cook for you family and friends with easy to follow instructions and all the raw ingredients you”ll need. The Catered Shabbat Meals are fully cooked ready to heat and serve meals prepared by the East Side Kosher Deli.

Can I do Shalom Fresh and buy my own ingredients?

Absolutely! All of the instructions and materials are available online for free. Visit for links and more information.

How much does Shalom Fresh Cost?

Shalom Fresh costs $100 for a meal prep kit to feed 6 people for 2 meals (12 meals total.)

What’s included in the Shalom Fresh Box?

Click here for full menu and more information.

What’s included in the Catered Meal Box?

Click here for full menu and more information.

Does Shalom Fresh include Challah?

No, If you’d like to purchase a Challah Box with ingredients to make your own challah you can do so for $12.

What if I have an allergy to one of the meals included?

For the Shalom Fresh option all the boxes are the same. If you have an allergy you can simply remove the item you are allergic to. For the catered meal, we will try and accommodate all allergies and dietary restrictions. Please make sure to note your allergy in registration.

Do either options include drinks?

Both options include a bottle of wine, but you’re on your own for other drinks.

Can I order the Shalom Fresh box for less than 6 people?

Because of the way some of our ingredients are packaged, we cannot offer the Shalom Fresh box for less than 6 people. If you are cooking for less people you can either save the leftovers for meals during the week or share/donate meals to those in need. If you are hosting more guests you can order more than one box (in increments of 6 servings)

Can I order just 1 catered meal?

The catered meal option comes in increments of 2 meals only. If you need to order food for more than 10 people, you can place several orders or contact us directly.

Can I have my boxes delivered?

Unfortunately, boxes are only available for pick up. (see info in next question)

Where and when can I pick up my order?

Pickup for all boxes is on Thursday, November 5 from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm or 6:00 pm -7:30 pm. Catered Meal boxes are picked up from the East Side Kosher Deli - 499 S Elm St, Glendale, CO 80246. All other boxes are picked up from Aish of the Rockies - 9550 9550 E Belleview Ave. Greenwood Village CO, 80111. If you ordered a Catered meal and a Shabbox crate or Challah box, we will have it available for pick up at the Deli as well.


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